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With three end block configurations, an advanced magnet bar design and an integrated ceramic rotary water seal, the General Plasma Rotary Magnetron is a rugged, low maintenance solution.

Standard End Block Compact End Block External End Block
20100216 - Rotary Magnetron Standard End Block

20090507 - Compact End Block Head



  • Three end block configurations available
    • Standard end block: retrofitable to existing glass coaters, target tube length >3 meters
    • Compact end block: maximizes target length in chamber, retrofitable for planar magnetrons
    • External end block: components external to vacuum vertical or horizontal installation
  • Integrated ceramic water coupling
  • High integrity ferro fluid vacuum seal

  • >80% target utilization
  • Focused field magnet bar offers improved deposition
  • efficiency
  • Non-proprietary target tube design with fabrication drawings included
  • No protruding features on target tube enables slip-on targets
  • Sputtering of magnetic materials also possible
  • No lip seals

Advanced Magnet Bar Technology

Magnet Bar

  • Excellent uniformity across target (±2% achievable)
  • Use for up to 20mm wall thickness
  • No dogboning necessary

  • Focused field magnetics improves deposition efficiency
  • High strength magnets sealed in stainless steel pouch
  • Hermetic seal ensures no magnetic erosion

High Target Utilization with Uniform Erosion

General Plasma’s Advanced Magnet Bar Technology powerfully confines ions around the sputter target surface resulting in more efficient target utilization. This novel approach allows for better quality films at a lower cost.

Fully Utilized Target Tube

Fully Utilized Target Tube

3-D Mapping
  • Magnet pack adjustable for uniformity
  • uniformity measured and mapped in 3D in every pack

Low Cost Target Tube

Blank target tube - 150 dpi

  • Non-proprietary design, dimensional drawing provided
  • Minimal tube matching, locally manufacturable
  • No protruding features, enables slip on targets
  • Competitors tubes can be converted

Additional Resources

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